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Hanuman - Short Version

The Gods Remain book cover

Hanuman is a character from the Hindu epic, Ramayana. The two great Indian epics Mahabharata and Ramayana were created at a time when Greeks ruled the kingdoms of North India. Their debts to the Iliad and the Greek epics of the Siege of Thebes are evident, and Hanuman is a monkey but is essentially identical with Achilleus. The chapter "Hanuman" ends thus:

He returned to Rama. And Rama’s gaze had become vacant and his grip had become weak and he was certain that Sita was lost forever and so was his life. Hanuman’s brow wrinkled, and Hanuman said nothing but he thought, "Your woman is in hell, and you have nothing to do but indulge in these dirty little fears?"
Rama woke from his daze. "What! What did you say?"
"I said, don’t be afraid to love."
And Hanuman would not allow Rama to whither, and together they raised an army of bears and monkeys, and they besieged Sri Lanka, and they broke the army of demons, and they brought Sita home.

And Rama gave Hanuman an armband. It was one of the heirlooms of the Solar Kings, it was old beyond imagination, passed on from father to son, from king to king, for uncounted generations. It was the last of the treasures from the Elder Days. An artist of unequaled power had set its precious stones in pure gold, forming patterns and colors of incomparable beauty. It was irreplaceable, it was beyond price. Even the Gods would never make anything like this again. This is what Rama gave to Hanuman.

Hanuman the monkey peered at it, turned it over, bit it, pried out the precious gems one by one, and finally he broke it into small pieces and carefully studied each piece. He said, "What did you give me this for? Your name isn’t on it anywhere."

And Hanuman tore his skin, and he stripped all the skin from his chest. And he tore away the muscles from his chest, one by one, and he showed Rama his skeleton, and his ivory skeleton glistened in the sun. And Rama’s name was written on his bones. Between the drops of blood, shining like rubies. And Hanuman said, "It’s nothing, I’m your friend, that’s all."