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Creation - Short Version

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"Creation" is already fairly short. Also it is to me the heart of the book, and I would rather not try to summarize it. The full-length chapter is available on this web site.
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In "Dreaming" I treated the artificial entities that have taken over our lives as dreams of our own creation that have gotten out of control, and I hope that is all they are. But remember that to a large extent our dreams run our lives and define what is and is not real. The dreams run things, we do not. And these entities that control our lives appear to us as images and as talk, but we don't have any real idea of what they are or whether they are really something we did. They may be something alien. For most of recorded history, people have acted as if an alien entity had possessed them and erased the natural patterns of their lives, what they innately are, and replaced those patterns with the alien's own inhuman patterns.

I am not saying that this is true, I am saying that people act exactly as if this were true. This certainly applies to virtually everyone who has ever lived during the last 2,500 years or so. Whether it is our own dreams that have gotten out of hand or some inhuman entity that hungers for our souls, the takeover has been universal—but it has not been complete. It has mostly affected the "higher" and more self-conscious sides of us. Beneath our self-conscious and damaged selves, what we really are remains, it tends to come out in moments of shock or crisis, in very private moments or in unusual moments that are very far from the rules. Because we still have this in us, we are worth something. This side of us is the subject of all worthwhile literature, and it is the subject of all the literature I cite in The Gods Remain.