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Thomas Sefton

About these Videos

Thomas Sefton, author of The Gods Remain.
These videos are a continuation of the work I did in that book. The subject is prehistoric religion. We find this today in what we call "Greek Mythology" and in the Germanic Volsungasaga. All this goes back to about 2,500 BC, before the European Bronze Age.

About Athenian Literature
This is me talking without knowing that I was being filmed. Athenian literature came from a time when for a while it was realized that everyone was important, everyone’s actions were important, everyone’s choices were important. Such a time will always produce existential literature and also great literature.

Odin and Apollo I - The Concepts, The Family Cycle
Both Odin and Apollo are concepts. Modern, monotheistic concepts have no boundaries or limitations, and while that can be a good thing it also means that modern monotheistic concepts are necessarily amoral. Odin and Apollo are prehistoric concepts, and they are a completely moral idea of how one should and should not behave. They are expressed in a specific literary form that can be traced back to 2,500 BC.

Odin and Apollo II: Oidipous, Background
This tells the the cycle of the House of Kadmos up until the point where Oidipous makes his choice.

Odin and Apollo III: Oidipous, the Choice
(Oidipous chooses Apollo, and his choice tells us, in a very concrete and understandable way, what Apollo is and how we cannot be human without Apollo. Oidipous’ choice is compared with Adam and Eve’s choice in
the Garden of Eden, but Oidipous’ choice is much clearer and easier to understand. If we could go a little farther back into Mesopotamian mythology, we would find that the Serpent is the creator of Mankind.

Odin and Apollo IV: Sigurd, Background
This tells the cycle of the House of Volsung up until the point where Sigurd makes his choice

Odin and Apollo V: Sigurd, the Choice
Sigurd accepts Odin, he accepts all the terrible things that will be and are his Fate, he accepts his Life such as it is and as it will be, and he accepts Odin’s valkyre, Brynhild, as his wife. This is all the same decision, and I make that very easy to understand— and it is exactly the same decision that Oidipous makes. Choosing Odin cannot keep Sigurd or Brynhild from harm. Odin’s power is only the power to be human, but nothing that anyone does and nothing that happens can kill that power.